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Sen. Collins Says She Discussed Roe V. Wade With Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh
 Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh thinks the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion rights is settled law. That’s according to Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican senator from Maine who met for two hours with the judge on Tuesday. Collins, who supports abortion rights, says she talked “at great length” with Kavanaugh about the application of established precedent to abortion cases.  Time
VOA VIEW: This would mean Collins will support Kavanaugh.

Elizabeth Warren Focused On Senate Race
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Tuesday she's focused on her Senate race in November and not on "running for president in 2020." “I am not running for president in 2020. I am running for the Senate in 2018," Warren told reporters during an appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. "We now have 74 more days until the election. I am taking nothing for granted. I have just done 34 town halls. I’m all across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts," she continued as she replied to a question from a reporter. Hill
VOA VIEW: Warren is focused on money and power.

Michael Cohen's Legal Problems Involve Business Dealings, Payments To Porn Star
Federal investigators have been looking into his business dealings, including payments to women who alleged affairs with Trump and his cab company. FBI agents raided his home and office in April, seizing more than 4 million items — including financial records, information about his dealings in the taxi industry and communications with the Trump campaign. The details of the deal were not immediately clear, but The Associated Press reported that Cohen could plead guilty as early as Tuesday. Fox
VOA VIEW: Cohen made a major mistake.

Teardown Of North Carolina Confederate Statue Sparks Criminal Investigation
University of North Carolina police on Tuesday were reviewing video to find the protesters who toppled a statue of Confederate soldier on campus, part of a recent movement to dismantle U.S. Civil War symbols that critics say glorify the South’s legacy of slavery. Reuters
VOA VIEW: There should be heavy punishment for those guilty so that fools will think twice.


Ex Staffer Cleared As Judge Slams Conspiracy Theories
A former congressional technology staffer who became the target of a litany of political conspiracy theories was sentenced to time served Tuesday for lying on a loan application as a U.S. judge in Washington condemned his ongoing harassment by the “highest” levels of government over unfounded conspiracies. Mercury

Trump Seeks To Roll Back Obama Era Coal Emissions Standards
The administration of US President Donald Trump has proposed new rules that would scale back limits on coal-fired power plants, a move critics said would have dire environmental and health consequences. The proposal, announced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA on Tuesday, would broadly increase the leeway given to states to decide how and how much to regulate coal power plants. MSN

Federal Judges Appointed By Trump Are Starting To Leave Their Mark
In 2015, Donald Zimmerman, a conservative city councilman in Austin, Texas, tried a novel strategy to win reelection: suing his own city. Zimmerman thought the city’s $350 limit on municipal campaign donations violated the 1st Amendment. LA Times


DHS, FBI Refute Dem Sen. Nelson's Claim That Russians Hacked Florida Election System
In a Monday letter obtained by Fox News, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and FBI Director Christopher Wray told Florida officials that while Russian spies “have previously demonstrated both the intent and capability to conduct malicious cyber operations,” there is no current evidence to suggest any meddling in the upcoming midterm elections in November. Fox
VOA VIEW: Dems lie.

Gov. John Kasich Will Be A No-Show At Friday's Ohio GOP Dinner With President Trump
Gov. John Kasich said Tuesday he will not attend the Ohio Republican Party's annual dinner where President Donald Trump will speak. "Now I'm taking my second twin to college, after taking the first one to college," Kasich said at the end of a news conference in which he touted the accomplishments of Medicaid expansion. "And so I'm going to be spending a lot of time with her." Cleveland
VOA VIEW: Kasich lost hope and support when he lost the presidency - a sore loser.

Why Wasn't Road Closed Before FIU Bridge Fell?
FDOT has said it could not release the records because of orders from the National Transportation Safety Board, a federal agency investigating the collapse. The NTSB told FDOT not to release records dating from after Feb. 19, according to both agencies. FIU and the city of Sweetwater, which were also involved in the project, have similarly refused to release records, citing the NTSB’s instruction. Miami Herald

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Trump's EPA Says More Americans Will Die Under Its Power-Plant Rollback
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says its proposal to relax greenhouse gas limits on power plants will cause as many as 1,630 additional premature deaths annually by 2030 from heart and lung disease -- an estimate independent experts say may be low. Bloomberg

The Guardian View On Tory Party Entryism: A Real And Present Rightwing Danger
In historical terms, the Conservatives have been Britain’s most successful political party. They currently form the government of the country. But, compared with Labour, the party has relatively few members. Back in the 1950s, the party claimed 2.8 million of them, although the figure has often been questioned. On their own admission, however, the Conservatives now have only 124,000 members, less than a quarter of Labour’s figure. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Nationalists can nearly match the Tory number. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Conservatives must prevail.

Mueller Seeks To Push Back Flynn Sentencing Again
The court asked for an update on a sentencing timeline for Flynn by Aug. 24, but the parties asked for that date to be pushed back to Sept. 17. Mueller’s team previously asked for a delay in sentencing at the end of June. Flynn served as the president’s first national security adviser until February 2017 when he was fired for allegedly lying to the vice president about his contacts with Russian officials. He pleaded guilty in December to lying to investigators, and has been cooperating with Mueller’s election interference probe since. Politico


States Quickly Tap Federal Funds To Strengthen Election Systems
Racing to shore up their election systems before November, states are using millions of dollars from the federal government to tighten cybersecurity, safeguard their voter registration rolls, and improve communication between county and state election officers. CSM

Trump Plans 40 Days On Campaign Trial For Midterms
President Donald Trump is disregarding concerns he could be a liability to Republican candidates on the ballot this fall and will travel across the country to campaign, in a decision that may ensure the 2018 elections are a referendum on his presidency. Trump plans to spend more than 40 days on the campaign trail between the beginning of August and the November midterm elections, according to a White House official who discussed the plans on the condition of anonymity. That would outpace both Barack Obama and George W. Bush’s efforts in off-year elections during their presidencies. Bloomberg

Warren Proposes Ban On Lawmakers Owning Individual Stocks
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday outlined a new proposal to ban members of Congress from owning individual stocks, which comes as a GOP lawmaker has been indicted on insider trading charges. Warren explained in a speech to the National Press Club that the bill would bar members of Congress, Cabinet-level officials, federal judges and other senior government officials from possessing and trading individual stocks. Hill

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